Together, We Achieved Results

Thank you for Implementing My Vision and Strategies into Measurable and Repeatable Success for Our Students!

Achieved Top A Rated District
  • A rated school District, one of 16 out of 67 in Florida
  • Designated an Academically High Performing District in Florida
  • 90.4% graduation rate in 2022-2023, highest in SRC history
  • 95% student attendance rate for 2023-2024 first semester
  • Ranked Overall #2 county in Florida for Child Well-being by the Florida Policy Institute
Student Engagement and Support
  • Expanded Career Technical Education Programs- 88% increase in Student Industry Certifications earned
  • Increased College Scholarships awards to seniors by 12%
  • Increased dual enrollment, advance placement, and elective courses in middle and high schools, including Agri-technology
  • Utilized broadcast technology to ensure equitable access to learning opportunities at each middle and high school
  • Created Middle School Sports Programs, a first in Santa Rosa School District History
  • Established a new football program and marching band program at Central School
  • Launched an orchestra program at Gulf Breeze Middle and High School
  • Created a mobile STEAM Lab, bringing STEAM learning opportunities to every school in the district
  • Expanded high school sports, adding Girls’ Beach Volleyball, Boys’ Volleyball
Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Development
  • 2022-2023 92% Teacher Retention Rate
  • 14.9% Average raise for Teachers over the last 4 years
  • #1 in Florida for Teacher Preparation Certification Program
  • Established Teacher Career Academies at 4 high schools and 2 middle schools to recruit and retain qualified teacher by growing our own
  • Expanded professional learning opportunities for teachers and educational support, including Student Led Academic Teams
  • Successfully adopted and implemented new Marzano Instructional Framework focused on Standards-based instruction and high expectations
  • Expanded professional learning for school leaders to support continued growth and development of all students and employees
School and Student Safety
  • Implemented the HOPE SQUAD, a suicide prevention program at all middle and high schools
  • Hosted a parent/guardian education series addressing cyber-safety, suicide prevention, and bullying
  • Implemented student mentor programs at middle schools and high schools
  • Provided schools with additional guidance counselors and success coaches
  • Provided student education on substance abuse prevention, including Fentanyl
  • Added additional layer of security be establishing a Guardian Program, in partnership with the SR Sheriff’s Department
  • Added additional fencing and security communication at schools
Stakeholder Communication and Engagement
  • Developed and implemented 5 Year Strategic Plan
  • Conducted 11 town hall meetings
  • Published Leaps and Bounds, the district’s multi-media magazine
  • Streamlined communication with a uniform communication platform
  • Created a Focus Graduation Dashboard to track high school graduation
  • requirements for students and families
  • Established the District Parent Advisory Council
  • Established the LEAP Employee Advisory Council
  • Created Public Information Officer and Family Outreach Program
  • Expanded partnerships with NAS Whiting Field, Hurlburt Field, United States Air Force, and NAS Pensacola
  • Created STEAM Advisory Council and expanded partnerships with business and industry
  • Provide oversight for $500,000,000 annual budget
  • Successfully developed and received $9 million Triumph of the Gulf Coast Grant to establish the Santa Rosa Center for Innovation
  • Successfully developed and received $1.5 million from Department of Defense Education Administration to expanded world language education
  • Successfully developed and received $ 2 million grant to provide iPads and math curriculum for all K-1 students
  • Successfully developed and received $4 million to increase Career Technical Education, including Licensed Practical Nursing Program, Logistics Industry Certification Program
  • Successfully developed and received $500,000 from FLDOE to establish a Global Logistics and Supply Chain Academy
  • Collaborated with Florida Legislation to procure a $500,000 appropriation for the Santa Rosa Center for Innovation and workforce development
  • Opened two new K-8 schools (East Bay K-8 & Wallace Lake K-8)
    Started construction of Soundside High School (Grades 9-12 with focus on STEM Careers and a Locklin Technical College Satellite Campus)
  • Earned Standard and Poor’s A+ Credit Rating

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    Re-Elect Dr. Karen Barber

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